MotoGP, Casey Stoner for Australia: his 2010 Aragon winning race suit up for auction

Stoner has put up for bidding a piece of MotoGP memorabilia from his private collection to raise funds in support of those affected by the bushfires in Australia


Casey Stoner deeply loves Australia and has never hidden this love for his land. It is a bond that contributed to him abandoning his MotoGP career ahead of time, when he was at the top of his career and could have probably continued to win for many more years.

The bushfires that are afflicting 'his' land could clearly not leave him indifferent and Casey has decided to intervene by auctioning off a truly valuable piece of his collection of personal MotoGP memorabilia. Stoner has in fact made available a racing suit used at Aragon in 2010, his last year as a Ducati rider. Casey won that race, remaining unbeaten on a track that has always seen him triumph in every edition of the Aragon GP in which he took part. This is the text of the message he attached to the post in which he provided the information to join the auction.

“It’s been difficult watching the bushfires at home while on holidays in the US. It has, however, been heart-warming being overseas at this time and seeing the international support being given to our country during this terrible devastation. I am saddened by all the lives that have been impacted and the terrible impact upon our land and its animals. Spending much of my younger years in rural communities, I am closely connected to our land, and I feel this deeply. To assist in raising funds for those affected, I am for the first time auctioning a piece of my beloved MotoGP memorabilia from my private collection. My 2010 Aragon winning race suit, which I wore in my final year with Ducati and on a circuit I remain undefeated is available for you to bid on and help me to hopefully raise some significant funds to assist the Australian Bushfire Relief.”

Here is the link to the auction if you wish to make a bid.



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