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SBK, What Davies and Redding will find in the Jerez tests

Serafino Foti: "Davies has a unique style, which we call 'stop and go', based on starting and braking, while Redding comes closer to that of Alvaro Bautista's.

SBK: What Davies and Redding will find in the Jerez tests

One second and 69 thousandths was the gap between Johnny Rea and Scott Redding in the Jerez tests last November. The British rider is starting to mold the Panigale V4 to his needs and, next Wednesday, he'll continue his journey on the Spanish asphalt. Everyone's curious to see Scott in action again with Ducati on what will be the course of action that will accompany him to the inaugural round at Phillip Island, scheduled for late February.

We intercepted Serafino Foti to get an idea of what will be new in the Aruba garage in Spain: “Our development program is continuing, and we'll have updates in Jerez regarding all parts of the bike ," the team manager began. "Like the frame, as well as the engine, and of course the electronics. There will be a lot of material to evaluate and test, in order to improve parts where we're still struggling."

Last year, one of the aspects Alvaro Bautista had insisted onwas  the V4's frame. On several occasions, #19 claimed to struggle especially in changes of direction and in corners, so much so that it became difficult to overtake: “Alvaro won sixteen races with the V4,"  Foti specified, smiling. "We're concentrating on that, but the same also applies to all the others in Ducati. Our goal will be to put together the best package and to try to be competitive with Chaz and Scott."

The British rider is undoubtedly one of the riders everyone is eagerly awaiting to see in a season full of innovations for Ducati. “Scott is a great professional and he is working meticulously," Serafino pointed out. "We got to know him, and he is one hundred percent committed, using his know-how."

We have to then figure out what type of style he'll be following when riding the V4 after his experiences in the MotoGP and in the BSB. “At the moment, I have to say that Chaz has a unique style, which we call 'stop and go', based on starting and braking, while Scott is perhaps closer to Alvaro's. Coming from categories like the Moto2, his is a more well-rounded style." In addition to style, there's also the electronics. “Scott has used electronics up until his debut in the BSB, for example, in the MotoGP," Foti recalled. "He is a rider who knows how to use them well and will show us what he's worth."

The curtain will rise on Wednesday in Jerez and the starting point will be the second one he reached at the end of November. “We're not yet at a level where we would like to be, and I think this is normal," Foti concluded. "I think we're currently at 70-80%. The fact is that it's always difficult to decipher the work of each team during the tests, since the numbers will emerge only at the beginning of the season."

Translated by Leila Myftija

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