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EXCLUSIVE: Ducati 'Project 1708': we reveal a V4 bombshell!

An acronym that hides the creation of the Superleggera V4, shown privately to a small group of customer collectors of the Borgo Panigale manufacturer

Moto - News: EXCLUSIVE: Ducati 'Project 1708': we reveal a V4 bombshell!


What is perfection? If we talk about motorcycles, we are probably referring to the most powerful, light and sophisticated motorcycle that the human mind can imagine. Ducati has decided to pursue this perfection with a truly unique project, called Project 1708. The acronym hides what will be an embodiment of the Panigale V4 so sophisticated that it is dedicated to a very few.

Indeed, a few lucky people received a message directly from Ducati's CEO, Claudio Domenicali, in which Project 1708 is described and it is something absolutely extraordinary. This is the message sent by Domenicali, which in its initial part is reminiscent of another famous message concerning another avant-garde product spoken by a man who has changed the world from California. Certainly, Ducati's aspiration is different, but the ability to make people dream is probably the same.

"Dedicated to dreamers,

This is a very special moment for Ducati and for me. At the time of writing, I am inviting our most passionate customers to share something truly unique with us. All the bikes we produce are a declaration of our desire for perfection. But nothing is comparable with the Project 1708. In this project, we have modelled the most advanced carbon fibre in the most futuristic aerodynamic forms. We have made our dreams come true as engineers, as motorcycle manufacturers and as passionate motorcyclists. Project 1708 is a true statement of intent, it is the moment in which we draw a line between trying and doing. It is our most pioneering creature. And I am proud to present you this private website, which will introduce you step by step to every aspect of this bike, from the deepest secrets to the most accurate details of this masterpiece of engineering and design.

Welcome to Project 1708"

If we try and imagine some technical details, it is plausible that this super exclusive version of the Panigale V4 could be characterized by a 1100 cc engine, a carbon frame, exactly as happened with the Superleggera 1299, and probably by the adoption of the same precious fibre also for the rims and all the fairing structures.


Translated by Julian Thomas

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