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MotoGP, Dream Motorhome: here is Vinales' home in the paddock

VIDEO - Maverick Vinales has chosen a truly luxurious solution for what becomes a real second home for a rider during the season

Iscriviti al nostro canale YouTube


The motorhome is simply not the place to sleep during the race weekend. Especially for MotoGP riders, involved in a thousand engagements during every race weekend, the home away from home must be a place to close up to relax, to pull the plug and find concentration.

After interviews, photos with the fans, long meetings and technical briefings and maybe a few events planned outside the circuit with the dealer on duty, the moment when the rider returns to his motorhome is really vital to find the charge in view of what should be his only concern, namely opening the throttle on the track.

In this video is shown in particular the motorhome of Maverick Vinales, who has been using it since 2018 and that in 2020 will come to three years of honored service. It certainly cannot be called a modest accommodation!



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