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SBK, Australia: Phillip Island safe from the bushfires

The emergency that has hit the country has not affected the island two hours from Melbourne which hosts the SBK and MotoGP rounds

SBK: Australia: Phillip Island safe from the bushfires


The earth is burning. A real drama is unfolding in Australia, since the country is having to deal with the fire emergency. To date, there are over 20 victims and more than half a million dead animals. Numbers that give an idea of ​​how serious the situation is.

Since the Superbike World Championship will be in action in Phillip Island in just over a month and a half, we contacted our friend and photographer Bruno Silverii, who lives in Melbourne, asking him for some clarification on the matter: “That area was fortunately not involved in the fires - he told us - and talking to some locals the situation is normal. If there had also been fires in Phillip Island, I think the SBK race would have been difficult."

Regarding the recent events, our photographer friend wanted to give us some more explanation: “The worst hit areas are the state of Victoria, or where Melbourne is located (two hours by car from Phillip Island), as well as New South Wales (Sydney) and South Australia (Adelaide). The fires that broke out in September mainly involved rural areas, excluding cities at the moment. Unfortunately, the air is unbreathable ".

In recent days, several initiatives have been launched to support the firefighters involved in combatting the fire emergency. Jack Miller, for example, has auctioned his helmet to raise money and a similar initiative was also launched by Jason O'Halloran.

Translated by Julian Thomas

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