Marquez and Lorenzo made a mark on the last decade in the MotoGP

Some interesting statistics relating to the last decade show us who's been the most effective rider when it comes to wins, points, poles, and podiums.


With another month to go before the Sepang tests (for testers), Thomas Morsellino, one of the MotoGP statisticians, had fun putting together some numbers to remember how the last MotoGP decade went.

The following are the those registered between 2009 and 2019 in the MotoGP:

Points (Top 5):

- Lorenzo (2,709)
- Rossi (2,527)
- Marquez (2,275)
- Pedrosa (2,264)
- Dovizioso (2,247)

Wins (Top 5):

- Marquez (56)
- Lorenzo (46)
- Pedrosa (25)
- Stoner (22)
- Reds (18)

Podiums (Top 5):

- Lorenzo (108)
- Marquez (95)
- Pedrosa (85)
- Rossi (83)
- Dovizioso (59)

Poles (Top 5):

- Marquez (62)
- Lorenzo (39)
- Stoner (24)
- Pedrosa (20)
- Rossi (14)

What can we gather from this?
Well, Lorenzo was the rider who scored the most points, but Marquez only started racing in the MotoGP in 2013. So, we should compare Jorge and Valentino Rossi, and it's interesting to note that the two are close... but not very, since both experienced some hard falls.

Despite the disadvantage in terms of racing years, Marquez is still the rider who has scored the most wins in the past decade: 56, 10 more than Lorenzo. Rossi was left behind, even surpassed by Pedrosa and Stoner.

We can see Marquez's rise to the top in the number of podiums, coming really close to Lorenzo, while Andrea Dovizioso appears in the standings for the first time as a demonstration of his constancy.

Without a prior history are the number of pole positions with Marc Marquez, almost double Lorenzo's: 62 to 39. Finally, Casey Stoner was surprising, since he only raced in four seasons during this period of time.


Translated by Leila Myftija

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