MotoGP, A. Marquez: "I entered the HRC box and had butterflies in my stomach."

"The first test was a succession of different emotions. Being in an official team is a dream. I want to learn from Marc and be the rookie of the year."

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Just a little over two months are left before the first race of the season takes off, and Alex Marquez continues to be one of the most discussed topics of this pre-season. The Moto2 2019 World Champion's passage into the MotoGP happened in an instant, and the fact that he's teaming up with his brother, Marc, added more spark to the story, all within the Honda Repsol team, one of the most historic teams of the MotoGP, where Alex has been taking his first steps in the past few months.

Wearing the colors of this team is a dream ," said Alex, "and an incredible honor. I'm really proud of this. After all, every rookie dreams of becoming part of an official team as soon as possible, and I did it. I'm aware that it'll be a difficult challenge, but I want to enjoy it as much as I can. I've already worked with HRC, winning the CEV and the Moto3 World Championship, so I can't wait to do it again."

Alex doesn't deny having some reverential fear towards the MotoGP and the team he's in now, and he described the first sensations he felt once he entered the garage for the first time.

“It was special. When I put on the suit and saw my team for the first time, I had butterflies in my stomach. I looked at the two bikes ready in the garage, and it was a succession of different emotions. I'm sure that during the next tests the situation will already be more under control, also thanks to the help of the team."

To add more excitement to all this was Marc's presence in the garage. They'll be forming the first "family" team in the history of the MotoGP.

“It's certainly something special, but I have to try and make it normal. We're brothers, but we have to be professionals in the garage. We're different riders, each with his own men and his own style. Having a six-time MotoGP champion by my side is definitely helpful, being able to study his riding and bike data. I want to gather all the information I can from Marc and the other Honda riders, to learn as soon as possible."

There is also talk of objectives, which #73 has very clear in mind.

“I'd like to be the rookie of the year, but I can't talk about positions, since I have to focus on understanding the bike and getting familiar with everything around me. Before Qatar, I'll have a clearer picture of my real potential. Being one of the tallest riders can bring advantages and also disadvantages but, after all, I have to live with it, so I just have to make it a strong point as much as possible."

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Translated by Leila Myftija

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