MotoGP, Rainey: "Marquez distracted by his brother, Quartararo will take advantage of it"

"Marc knows that it'll be a big challenge with Fabio, but he'll also need  to understand how much things will change for Quartararo when he starts winning."


Will Marc Marquez and Fabio Quartararo duel it out for the 2020 title? That's what Wayne Rainey thinks. During his interview with Motorsport-Total, he spoke about the present and future of the MotoGP, emphasizing how complex the next season could be for both of these two great riders who, for different reasons, will be feeling more pressure than what they did in 2019.

In Marquez's case, the big difference is that of having his brother Alex on the team. Even if he insists that he's ready not to receive help from the holder of the highest number of titles, namely his brother, he's equally aware that this will inevitably be an additional distraction for #93.

"Fabio Quartararo will definitely challenge Marquez in 2020, but Marc will now have an extra distraction with his brother in the same team. This could play in Fabio's favor. In my opinion, if he doesn't have physical problems, he'll always be able to race for the victory. It'll be a great duel."

The former 500 champion also stated that, in the future, things could change for Quartararo, who seems destined to soon achieve his first top class victory. Something that could somehow change his peace of mind.

"It's interesting that Fabio has not yet won a race because, once you've won, the pressure you feel changes a lot. From then on, everything accelerates quickly. So far, he's been having fun. He's gotten on the podium, got a pole and, all in all, he's had an easy life in the paddock. But when you start to win, the moment you finish second or third, you feel the pressure you didn't have before."

According to Rainey, Marquez risked a lot in 2018 in one-on-one duels with Fabio.

"I think Marquez was very intelligent because he understood that Fabio was getting stronger and he risked many times to stop him from winning, even if he could avoid it. He won't be an easy rival for Marc in 2020."


Translated by Leila Myftija

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