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MotoGP, Forbes: Marquez and Rossi out of the Top 100 highest paid athletes in the world

The highest paid is Messi, who earns 127 million dollars.  Lewis Hamilton is only 13th with 55 million and Sebastian Vettel with 40. But no rider made the list of soccer players, boxers, basketball aces, and even cricket players!

MotoGP: Forbes: Marquez and Rossi out of the Top 100 highest paid athletes in the world


The highest paid sportsman in the world is Lionel Messi, who's at the top of the Forbes list, earning 127 million dollars a year.

Behind him are two other soccer players, Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar, with 109 and 105 million, respectively, followed by boxer Anelo Alvarez with 94, tennis player Roger Federer  with 93, and football player Russell Wilson who is just ahead of Aaron Rodgers, also a football player.

The first ranking basketball star is LeBron James, at 80 million, preceding Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant, also basketball players, who earn 79 and 65 million, respectively.

For those of us who love engines and are used to thinking that our heroes are the Scrooge McDucks of world championship sports, the Forbes list comes as a surprise: F1 world champion, Lewis Hamilton, is only 13th with 55 million, and one of his colleagues, Sebastian Vettel, is in 30th place with 40 million.

And what about our riders? Not one made the list, at least not in the Top 100. In fact, neither Marc Marquez nor Valentino Rossi are on it, which means that they earn less than cricket player Virat Kohli, who earns 25 million.

And to think that in 2013 Vale was in 51st place with 22 million.

Translated by Leila Myftija

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