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MotoGP, Pernat's Christmas gifts: Elixir of long life for Rossi, Folly for Dovi

PART 3 - "Petrucci should receive coal. He's not badass enough. Special fuel for Morbidelli, and a ruler for Bagnaia to measure the Ducati. A time machine for Iannone."

MotoGP: Pernat's Christmas gifts: Elixir of long life for Rossi, Folly for Dovi


A few days left for Santa's helper, Carlo Perrnat, to deliver his last gifts to the paddock. His sleigh is almost empty, after stopping off in the racing departments of the manufacturers involved in the MotoGP, and in the homes of the foreign riders.

His journey comes to an end with the Italian riders. A large group that, however, did not worry Marc Marquez this year. Pernat has several ideas to help boost them up, with gifts that also contain an abundant dose of irony.

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"For Valentino, an elixir of long life, Magnum-sized"

I borrowed the idea for Valentino's gift from the world of fairy tales: an elixir of long life. MotoGP, Yamaha, the media, everyone needs Rossi, so it's a gift that many would give him. The motorcycling world still needs the Doctor, and he needs motorcycling. A couple that's difficult to break up. He'll need a lot of that elixir. I'd say that a Magnum could suffice!.

"A potion full of folly under Dovizioso's tree"

"I'd leave a nice, stimulating potion under Dovizioso's tree, so that he'd exceed his limit in every race, like Marquez. If he takes it before each Grand Prix, he'll be able to make that difference, as he's already proven he can. And it's not only a stimulating potion, but it also contains a healthy dose of folly, which can sometimes be very useful. It's a 20-dose bottle, one per race. Andrea doesn't need much more than that.

"Coal for Petrucci, he's not badass enough"

"If it were Halloween instead of Christmas, I'd leave a mean-faced  jack-'o-lantern under Petrucci's tree. Danilo isn't badass enough, in the sporting sense, of course. Santa Claus won't be giving him gifts, but he'll tell the Three Kings to bring him lots of coal. You can't be friends with your teammate in a race. Maybe some coal will bring the badass out of him."

"Morbidelli will need a special kind of fuel that Santa Claus uses for his sleigh if he wants to fly to the top"

I'll also give Morbidelli a bottle, but the liquid inside is a mystery, and the label says: 'Something's missing.' It's a positive gift, since Franco is not that far from receiving something important. He needs some of that special fuel that Santa Claus puts in his sleigh to make it fly."

"A golden ruler for Bagnaia to measure the new Ducati"

Bagnaia's gift is a golden ruler, the color of Christmas, which he'll need to measure the new Ducati, centimeter by centimeter. When he'll be able to master this bike, he'll become a great rider. But he has to ride every corner and, when he's done, he'll be able to reach the top."

"Iannone, the mad professor, will get a time machine to change his past"

I'll give Iannone the DeLorean from 'Back to the Future', with 'Ducati' and 'Suzuki' written on the doors. If he could go back in time, when he was supposed to renew his contracts and choose another path, maybe this Christmas would have been different for him. It's a somewhat melancholy gift, but he's the perfect mad scientist to drive this special car."

Translated by Leila Myftija

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