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MotoGP, Marc Marquez is Superman: that's why

The 12 'why's' that explain Marc's resemblance to the steel man of the most famous of the comic books

MotoGP: Marc Marquez is Superman: that's why


Some people think Marc Marquez is Superman's alter ego. Here are the twelve why:

- Superhuman strength, speed e durability
- Evokes references to outer space origins
- Unruly curls and strong jawline
- Disproportionately large upper body
- Iconic colorful costume
- Oddy comfortable in spandex
- Wear red underwear at showtime
- Nice guy alter ego
- Grew up in Smalville (at least on this planet)
- Avoid green substances (kryptonite, Monster)
- Routinely clashes with a wealthy power-mad magnate
- Born in February

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