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MotoGP, Iannone: "Doping? I'm not worried, all tests were negative."

Andrea replied on social media networks: "I'm surprised because I haven't received anything official. I'm available for further testing."

MotoGP: Iannone: "Doping? I'm not worried, all tests were negative."


Andrea Iannone responded via social media networks to the news of his suspension decided by the FIM after testing positive to a banned substance during the Malaysian Grand Prix.

This is a provisional measure, and the rider may now request a counter-analysis on a second sample, which he will almost certainly do. At the moment, he doesn't know much else since, as he wrote, he still hasn't received an official statement regarding the provision.

This is what Andrea wrote:

"I'm not worried, and I want to reassure my fans and Aprilia Racing.

I'm open to any counter-analysis, since this matter really surprises me, also because I have not yet received any official communication.

Over the years, and even this season, I have undergone continuous tests, which were obviously always negative, so I have the utmost confidence in the positive outcome of this incident."


Translated by Leila Myftija

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