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Cevolini: "I dream of a challenge in acceleration between a MotoE and a MotoGP"

VIDEO INTERVIEW - Energica's CEO: "It would be nice if Marquez and Rossi tried our bike. National Championships? We're thinking about it."

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Let's face it. The MotoE championship could not have started out worse than it did. The fire during the Jerez tests in March not only destroyed all the bikes and the material, it forced them to revise the calendar. Despite everything, Energica managed to rebuild everything in record time and the season ended after a few weeks, in Valencia, with Matteo Ferrari as champion. So, Livia Cevolini, CEO of the of the Italian company that supplies the bikes for the championship, can put a plus sign on their 2019 sports budget.

We met her in the E-paddock in Valencia. You can watch the video of the interview above and read a bit about it below.

Livia, what is your evaluation of this first MotoE season?

"It went well despite the difficulties. The riders and audience had fun. We had good races, even if the laps weren't many. Of course, there's always room for improvement."

How did riders react to this new concept in racing bikes?

"The first time we took to the track in November, we were very worried. It was the first time that so many professional riders tried our bike. Instead, at the end of the first day, they gave us a big round of applause. Italians are never happy and satisfied, and we're sometimes too humble, but we worked well."

What are the improvements for 2020. More battery autonomy?

"We can already do a few more laps in the race, but there wouldn't be any time in the weekend schedule. At the moment, this is the best compromise. the technology is progressing, but no one has a magic wand. It takes time to develop it. For example, our batteries are much more advanced than those used in the automotive world."

Many were worried about the motorcycle's safety aspect.

"Lithium could catch fire in the event of a serious accident, but it burns slower than gasoline. It's a different kind of danger and must be managed, like in endothermic engines."

Has there been a transfer of technology from racing to road models?

"The new battery derives from the MotoE. The plans were to see it on road models in 2021, but we were already able to move its introduction up to 2020."

Have you thought about national MotoE championships?

"We've been contacted by various national Federations, and we're looking around. Logically, the issue of costs in local championships is very important because budgets are  lower, and we need to understand if the project is sustainable. We would also like to organize track days. Last year, we inaugurated an Academy for road riding. The important thing is not to underestimate these bikes and their power."

What would you think of a race in the MotoE with all the big names in the MotoGP, from Rossi to Marquez?

"It would be a dream. We would certainly like that. I'd also like to challenge a MotoGP in the first few meters of acceleration. Our bike is limited in maximum speed, but a challenge would be interesting. In the end, the MotoE is less than two years old. The MotoGP's a bit older. We have time to improve, but it would be nice to see what we're like right now."

Translated by Leila Myftija

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