MotoGP, Marc Marquez's garage: 1 million Euros in BMW Ms won

GALLERY As best poleman, Marc Marquez brought a total of 7 BMW Ms to the garage: BMW M6 Coupé, M4 Coupé, M6 Spider, M2 Coupe, M4 CS, M3 CS, X4 M Competition


As best poleman, Marc Marquez brought a total of 7 BMW Ms to the garage.  In 2013, it was a BMW M6 Coupé, worth 116,200 Euros. In 2014, it was the M4 Coupé standard version at 77,850 Euros while, in 2015, even if he didn't win the world championship, he brought home a BMW Award and received a 139,700 Euros M6 Spider. Then there was the dynamic M2 Coupé. Its standard version was worth 64,200 Euros.

Finally, in 2017 it was the M4 CS "purely tough" sports car worth 133,900 Euros and, the year that followed, another CS: the M3 CS, at 97,900 Euros. This year he instead won the X4 M Competition, priced at 98,050 Euros.

We're obviously talking about the cost of standard versions, but we all know that the total value of the cars mentioned so far - 727,800 Euros - is only an estimate, since each of these cars can be equipped with more than 30,000 Euros worth of options... and do you think BMW gave #93 standard version models?

This brings the estimate of the total value to 1 million Euros, but if you add the registration with Marc Marquez's name to it, well then the value sky rockets.

We do know, however, that Marc donated some of these magnificent cars to his mechanics, just like Loris Capirossi did back in the day.


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