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MotoGP, Valentino Rossi, Jerez tests: "Seeing Vinales going so fast is helpful"

"They're working on the engine at Yamaha, but it's still not enough. Maverick is riding really well right now and making a difference."

MotoGP: Valentino Rossi, Jerez tests: "Seeing Vinales going so fast is helpful"

There's a lightning-speed Yamaha in Jerez and another that's trailing behind. The first is Maverick Vinales', the second Valentino Rossi's, with a more than second-and-a-half gap on his first day of testing.

But the nine-time world champion isn't taking stock just yet and is trying to analyze everything scrupulously.

"Today the conditions weren't great, but we worked a lot on the new bike ," Valentino began. "It was an opportunity to make comparisons with the old one on a track that is different than Valencia, and my sensations weren't bad, even if there are certain aspects we have to work on."

Valentino talks about the differences.

"The bikes are different, so we need to understand the right set-up, even if the impressions are positive. We need to look for stability in fast corners. The frame? I think it's the same one also used by Maverick. The sensations are good. There's still a lot to do for Wednesday."

Then there's the question related to the engine.

"The engine is exactly the same as in Valencia. Yamaha is working a lot but, as we know, it's not easy. It takes time. I think that Jerez and Valencia are not the best tracks to assess the M1's top speed.

The engine is one of those issues that everyone is pressing #46 about.

"Having an engine that allows you to be faster is not difficult. The problem is having power with good torque. They're working on it in Yamaha, but it's still not enough."

Then there's Vinales on the other side of the garage with his lighting-fast M1.

"Maverick was really fast, but he has been since Valencia. He's riding very well, and he's faster than the others, despite the two Yamaha's being different."

All that remains for Valentino is the chase.

"This track is better than Valencia, since it's more like the ones we'll find in the World Championship calendar. Besides that, the sensations are more or less the same. There are points we need to work on, while others are fine. It's certainly important to do lots of kilometers."

One last comment about how to take on 2020.

"Being fast will be very important, as well as understanding if something is good or not. Seeing Vinales going so fast definitely helps in these tests."

Audio recorded by Matteo Aglio

Translated by Leila Myftija

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