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MotoGP, Honda celebrates Jorge Lorenzo and his emotional farewell

VIDEO - Honda dedicated this wonderful farewell to the great champion who announced his retirement in Valencia - Watch this moving video 

Jorge Lorenzo called it the fourth most important day in a rider's career, namely, when he announced his retirement. During the conference held more than a week ago in Valencia, the Spanish rider opened by defining what the four most important stages in a rider's career are. With a quivering voice filled with emotion, he listed: the day when a rider debuts in the world championship, the day he gets his first victory in the race, and the day he wins the first world title. Then it was time to define the fourth day, the day when a rider retires and one that nobody would have imagined could have arrived so soon for Lorenzo.

Honda decided to pay tribute to Jorge Lorenzo with this wonderful video by Mauro Talamonti. The images were carefully chosen, accompanied by moving background music that recalls the incredible atmosphere experienced by those who, at that moment, were there to listen to Jorge Lorenzo pronounce those words.


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Translated by Leila Myftija

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