MotoGP, Marquez: "Alex? He has problems braking, where Cal and I have often fallen.”

"The new Honda has potential. I don't care about having an easy bike, I want it fast. I had the chance to do some laps with my brother, and he's struggling with what is the most difficult point of the bike."


Marc Marquez's Honda didn't appear in the top spots of the second day of testing in Valencia, but that didn't matter. The Spanish rider was actually looking for the confidence he needed on the bike, ending up on the track with his brother, at some point during the day.

"It was a coincidence that I ended up on the track with Alex today," Marc began. "Like Cecchinello said, he's doing several corners well, even if he's struggling with the most difficult point of the Honda, namely, the last part when braking, where both Cal and I fell several times."

Attention then shifts to the day.

"This was the first step for the 2020 engine, and I'm happy. Among other things, I had the best lap with the new bike, and was able to be fast. On the flying lap, Yamaha is very competitive, even if our sensations are good, and I'm excited about that. We'll be going to Jerez next week, where we'll have a clearer situation compared to Valencia. In the end, after the GP on Sunday, everything is easier. Next week, we'll have to confirm what we did here in Cheste."

He also spoke about aerodynamics.

“From an aerodynamic perspective, we had several components to test. We were also able to make some changes, which made me confident. The situation is clear, and I hope it'll also be the same in Jerez."

Apparently, the new Honda doesn't seem to be a breakthrough compared to the previous version.

"It has more or less the same character. I believe the bike has an important potential and the sensations are positive. This means that the innovations are working. Personally, I'm not interested in having an easier bike. I understand that all Honda riders could benefit from it, but my objective is to have a fast bike, and I don't care if it's easy or not, since my goal is to win. Having said that, we're working on the bike to improve it, focusing on the engine and electronics, aiming to be competitive when exiting corners."

Audio recorded by Paolo Scalera


Translated by Leila Myftija

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