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MotoGP, Miller: "The Ducati GP20 turns better, but I need to get used to it"

"The negatives are mainly down to the fact I'm used to the old bike. There's work to do anyway. What will I do now? Go home and sleep for a bit"

MotoGP: Miller: "The Ducati GP20 turns better, but I need to get used to it"


Tenth at the end of the day, having completed 59 laps of the Valencia track. This is how Jack Miller rounds out day two of the 2020 MotoGP tests. The Australian spent much of the day riding the new Ducati and, having finished the work on track, told us about his initial sensations aboard the GP20. 

“I rode the 2020 bike today, or a first version of it, and I have to say that we've done some good work. It was a busy day with a lot of consecutive exits". 

What does this bike gain compared to the GP19?

“I think it turns better, but after a race weekend and an entire season on one bike, it's strange to get on another”. 

And even more so after a great weekend like the one you just had...

“Last weekend was great, but tough, like the last two days. Now it's time to sleep for a bit and relax”. 

Had you already had a taste of the GP20 during recent race weekends?

"We tested the new frame in Malaysia but I have to say there have been some good steps forward, and good development. The 2020 bike worls well though it's too early to really say. The tests have been very useful for me and Ducati though”.

So, your sensations are positive, are there any negatives?

“Yes, there are still some negative aspects but these are amplified by the fact I'm going from one bike to another, this is why we've tried various settings and changes today”. 

Did you work with the new Michelins today?

“The new tyres work really well, I tested them this afternoon and I don't think they were bad”. 

Audio recorded Matteo Aglio

Translated by Heather Watson

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