MotoGP, Dovizioso: "The Ducati GP20? I've already had to decide on future development”

"The season starts early but Petrucci, Miller and I all see it the same way. It's a positive thing. The Michelins for next season? I don't like them"


I tested the most important things yesterday”, starts Andrea Dovizioso, having completed day two of testing at Valencia. Yesterday, Dovi was able to get a taste of the GP20, finding the right confidence with the new bike and trying to understand the positives.

So what did today's work involve?

“I had to try other things and make some decisions, because the season starts soon and we need to define certain things. I haven't made any frame comparisons today". 

On Monday and Tuesday, you have another two-day test at Jerez, what are the key things to work on there?

“We need to better understand everything I tested yesterday. I hope conditions are good at Jerez because that track can tell us more about the new material”. 

Are they important days?

“In MotoGP, testing should be taken with a pinch of salt, particularly the end of season tests. There are some who want to push and others who don't, it's not a race weekend where everyone's doing their best. I don't think it's important to push too much during these days". 

Yet we've seen some great lap times. 

“Yes, but you need to understand what everyone else tested and what tyres they used for those laps, it's all relative”. 

All three of you have tested the new bike (Dovi, Petrucci and Miller). Have you talked?

All our feedback was the same and is very positive”. 

Did Petrucci's limited work due to injury condition your work?

“No, I had a clear programme and stuck to it. It's always best to test everything properly, in the right way"

And the 2020 Michelin tyres? You didn't like them at Phillip Island. 

“Yes, I tested the front today, and confirm what I said at Phillip Island”

Audio recorded by Matteo Aglio


Translated by Heather Watson

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