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MotoGP, Abraha: "Zarco wants my place? I have no intention of giving it to him."

"I have a contract for 2020, and Avintia will have to break it. There's a 90% chance I'll continue to race with them. I'm talking to the team, but Johann has nothing to do with it."

MotoGP: Abraha: "Zarco wants my place? I have no intention of giving it to him."


With Jorge Lorenzo gone, the MotoGP market for 2020 has had a sudden flashback. Once Alex Marquez entered the Repsol Honda team with his brother Marc, Zarco was left holding the short end of the stick. On Monday, the French rider spoke extensively with Gigi Dall'Igna and Paolo Ciabatti, respectively Ducati Corse's general manager and sports director, with the intention of finding him a place in the Avintia team, the only possibility for him to remain in the MotoGP the next year.

But the deal with Johann is not yet closed, since there are so many details to decide. First of all, they have to decide who, between Rabat and Abraham, will give up his bike. The Czech rider would seem to be the most expendable, but he doesn't agree.

"I'm convinced that Zarco has spoken with my team," Karel confirmed with Speedweek. "It's quite clear, and I'm sure it's true and, in fact, I asked the team. But I have a contract signed for 2020, even if it's a complicated issue, because Dorna is committed to Zarco."

But even Abraham is not too satisfied with his conditions in Avintia.

"It's no secret that we have to change some things in my contract. That's why I'm talking to them," he explained, without going into too much detail. "Of course, we might not agree, but if the team doesn't want to break the contract, I'll continue to race. Zarco cannot talk to Avintia if the team doesn't rescind the contract or if we both don't decide to annul it."

So is Karel thinking about doing it?

"Not at the moment," he answered. "I want to continue because I like racing, I like the MotoGP, and I want to stay here. There's a 90% chance that I'll stay where I am. I'm talking to the team about it. Zarco is not involved in the matter right now, that's my opinion."

As always, it'll be a question of money.

"Everybody knows that Tito and I bring in money," Abraham didn't mince words. "I don't know if even Zarco does, if he has any sponsors supporting him. If he could bring 5 million, then he could race with Avintia immediately."

Translated by Leila Myftija

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