MotoGP, Marquez: "A unique year. I learned not to always want to win."

"I realized that when you can't win you have to settle. My teammate in 2020? One among an Englishman, a Frenchman, and the Moto2 champion."


Among the many uncertainties of life, Marc Marquez undoubtedly represents a certainty. Seeing him triumph is a habit by now. We just have to see how. Today, #93 built his success, his twelfth of the season, putting a tenth of a second between himself and his opponents, giving Honda the last possible title, the team championship. Marc achieved the so-called "triple crown", putting the icing on his beautiful cake.

"Between the twelfth victory and the triple crown, the second gives me more satisfaction, since that was what the whole team wanted and asked for. I wanted to do my best to reach that goal, and I'm happy that now it's a reality, both for Honda and for all the sponsors."

Marc's season is hard to define in one word, unless that word is "perfect".

"It's been an incredible year. I think it'll be difficult to equal or even improve. I don't like using the word "impossible", but the consistency shown was important. There were riders that were faster than me in some races, but consistency was the winning weapon."

A year of victories and growth in which Marquez says he understood something really important.

"I learned to look at things with realism, without pretense, this year. If you don't have the potential to win in a race, you have to accept it and get the most you can. I talk a lot with Alzamora and Hernandez, even if the last decision is up to me. In some races like Phillip Island or Buriram, I fought to win because I knew it was the right strategy."

Obviously, Marc didn't create this all on his own, and he himself tells us about the magic that flows inside his garage. "I really like the balance we found. There's Santi (ed. Hernandez) who is very impartial, Alberto (ed. Puig) who always wants the best, and Emilio (ed. Alzamora) who is more prudent. A good compromise was created that psychs me a bit and also calms me."

Changing the subject, we obviously need to talk about the race, and the strategy used by #93 who, unlike in other races, took the lead right away, and remained there.

"The front tire was medium, although rather soft to be a medium, and I was afraid I'd wear out the rear. The strategy today was to get ahead as quickly as possible, even if I wasn't as fast as in other races. When Fabio was at six tenths, I decided to push all the way."

Fabio Quartararo was behind the world champion, as usual. Marc still considers him to be one of the candidates for the 2020 title.

“I think Fabio is the fastest rider in terms of pure speed, and I think that he was the second rider in terms of points earned in the second part of the season. I certainly believe that he'll be one of the candidates for the title next year. He'll have an official bike and this will certainly help as compared to this season."

Finally, it's impossible for Marc not to talk about his future teammate, seeing his brother, Alex, as the favorite, fresh from the Moto2 title.

"Each rider must deserve his place. I only know that the candidates are an Englishman, a Frenchman, and the Moto2 world champion. It'll be interesting to know who it'll be, but I won't change my mind. The objective remains the same, and your first opponent is always your teammate."



Translated by Leila Myftija

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