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MotoGP, Zarco: "Ducati as an option? I want a top team and Avintia is not."

"My goal is to stay with Honda in 2020. Otherwise, I could return to the Moto2. All I can do is be fast on the track. The decision is not in my hands."

MotoGP: Zarco: "Ducati as an option? I want a top team and Avintia is not."


There have rarely been as many journalists gathered in front of Zarco as today, and the French rider didn't waste a moment to comment. "I felt alone last month. Now I no longer do." Logically, everyone wants to know what Johann's future will be. Until a few days ago, he seemed destined for the official Honda team, but now Alex Marquez is starting to look more appealing.

"What can I tell you. I don't know anything," Zarco opened his arms. So staying with HRC is not only the first option, but also the only one in the MotoGP.

Rumors had it in the paddock that there was a place for him in Avintia with a Ducati GP19, but Johann didn't seem at all enthusiastic about the idea.

"I want to stay in the MotoGP, but with a good bike, and a top-level team, and Avintia is not ." He cut it short. "At this point, I might think about returning to the Moto2 if I can't stay with Honda."

After his divorce from Fellon, Johann doesn't actually have a manager.

"Claude Michy is helping me. He's the promoter for the Le Mans Grand Prix,"  he explained. "He knows what I want, but the situation is not in my hands. Honda has to decide."

Even the big boss at Dorna, Ezpeleta, would like him in the premier class.

"I spoke with Carmelo, even when I had decided to close with KTM, and he respected my decision," said Johann. "I know he would like it if I stayed in the MotoGP, but there are so many things to straighten out for it to happen. The only thing I can do is be fast on the track."

Zarco is trying, even if not everything went the right way today.

"I'm a bit disappointed with my 13th position in qualifying ," he admitted. " I had a stupid fall in the FP3 and lost confidence and time. The faster you go on the Honda, the better you feel, but it's not easy to reach certain levels in a short time. I improved in qualifying, but not enough to get through the Q2. I've always said that my goal is to be in the top 5, and I can reach it if I do everything right."

This is why Johann believes he deserves a chance with Honda in 2020.

"I'm focused on the present," he continued. "But l'd like to continue to ride this bike because I believe in myself and in my possibilities. With a good team and a good bike, I can get good results, I'm sure."

Translated by Leila Myftija

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