MotoGP, Rossi: "If we continue like this, I won't be able to solve my problems."

“Yamaha needs the right engineers and a strong investment. Quartararo? Having experience isn't always an advantage."


The World Championship in Valencia for the last race of the season is around the corner, and Yamaha has to take stock of this 2019, which is about to come to an end. This task belongs to Valentino Rossi, who didn't let his disappointment show during an exclusive interview at Dorna: "It was a difficult championship for me ," commented #46. "The first problem was related to the electronics. With the arrival of the single control unit, our engineers had a hard time, since they ended up having to learn a new language."

Then the Doctor lingered on a second aspect. "The engine,"  he emphasized, "can increase power and development but, to do this, it takes time and money. The fact is that if we continue in this direction, we will never be able to solve our problems. Yamaha needs the right engineers and a strong investment, and they're well aware of this at Iwata. Certainly, there is continuous work carried out, as well as the exchange of information, but more is needed."

In this 2019, Fabio Quartararo was the great revelation. "Many expected to see Fabio fast from the start, but not like this," declared Valentino. "He showed that, starting from scratch, experience is not always considered an advantage for a rider. He's certainly a great talent, particularly in view of a future with Yamaha."

Finally, a last word about 2021. "Everything depends on what my speed and results will be," concluded Rossi. "If I'm stronger than this year and racing for the podium, I'll try to continue. Otherwise, I'll see what I'll have to do. The new Yamaha? We have two important tests after the Valencia race, even if we'll understand the real potential of the bike in the Sepang tests in February."


Translated by Leila Myftija

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