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MotoE, "I'm fighting for the title without stressing and aiming for the Moto2"

Matteo leads the MotoE standings: "I'll calculate things on Sunday. Taking advantage of tires and braking. That's how you go fast on the Energica, riding like with a 2-stroke."

MotoE: "I'm fighting for the title without stressing and aiming for the Moto2"


The MotoE is heading towards the grand finale in Valencia, where the name of the first electric motorcycle champion will be decided. With two races still to go in Spain, the door is left open to endless combinations. Suffice it to say that there are still 12 (out of 18) riders in the running for the final victory. Calculating would be useless, and Matteo Ferrari is more than aware that, after the double win in Misano, he is leading the standings, with 19 points ahead of Hector Garzo.

"Actually, you don't often see such a short  standing, but with a few races it's all normal," commented the Gresini team rider. "I'll especially keep an eye out for Garzo. The other riders are more distant. My goal is to do my best in the first race, without calculating too much. At most, I'll do that on Sunday."

You don't seem to be under pressure. How did you prepare yourself?

"Racing in Valencia last Sunday in Moto2 in the CEV. It was a good test because, after the races at Misano in MotoE, I had not had many opportunities to ride a motorcycle. As for the rest, I prepared myself as usual. I feel relaxed. The fact that there are two races helps."

What do you expect from this weekend?

"Like I said, maybe I'll use my head more in the second race, depending on how the first one goes. We have to understand the level of our adversaries because, having only a few races, the outcomes can change a lot from one track to the next. My main opponent will be Garzo, but also Smith and Simeon are always fast, and even Granado and Herrera were fast in the tests in Valencia. I want to be the star, be upfront, then we'll see."

Now that the final goal is near, how do you rate this first MotoE season?

I think the championship has exceeded all expectations. We had encountered problems before leaving, and everyone had doubts, including myself, who had been the first rider to sign up for MotoE racing. Instead, Energica had a competitive bike, and it wasn't easy, being that it was their first prototype. I enjoyed riding it. The races were spectacular. Of course, there are things that can be improved."

"Tires and braking. Those are the secrets of the Energica MotoE."

Are you referring to the weight of the bike?

"In the beginning, that was something that scared me, but the balance of the Energy surprised me, and the bike is easy to ride. You feel the weight when braking and when changing direction but, in the end, it's just simply something different."

Where is the difference on a MotoE?

"Of course, there's still something to discover, but the main thing was to adapt to the Michelin tires. They are really high-performing and have a great grip in unimaginable corners. It's not easy to bring them to their limit. You can't make the bike curve when it's sideways because it doesn't have much power, then you have to be very smooth in corners."

Is that the secret?

“Braking is also important, and it's different than with other bikes. You have to break away hard, but without overdoing it because the fork always reaches the end of the stroke. The key is to brake the right way because speed and exiting turns are a consequence."

"You need smoothness, like on the old 125 2-strokes."

How would you explain this particular riding style?

"I'd say it's similar to the old 2-stroke. I raced with the 125, and you need the same smoothness. If I look at more recent pasts, it reminds me of the Honda motorized Moto2."

You already renewed with the Gresini team for 2020 in the MotoE.

"Yes, I'll be continuing in this category, and my goal is to race in the World Championship. The MotoE gives you visibility, and you can make yourself known thanks to your results. I would like to race in the Moto2 next year, and my collaboration with Gresini is essential. It can be a springboard."

Next year, the wild cards will return to the Moto2. Have you already spoken to Fausto about it?

"That's the idea, but we decided to continue talking about it when the championship is over. No doubt, it won't be easy to organize. I'd also like to do some tests."

Returning to the MotoE, how would you improve the championship next year?

"I'd definitely like there to be more races, more chances. As for the bike, I'd like batteries that guarantee to last longer because now we can't fully take advantage of the 30-minute free practice sessions."

Translated by Leila Myftija

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