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From 2020 MotoGP bikes may 'lose' the wings at Phillip Island

The GP Commission has decided that the wings may be removed from fairings in Australia. Wildcards will return to Moto2, more testing for rookies in the reigning class

MotoGP: From 2020 MotoGP bikes may 'lose' the wings at Phillip Island


As of next year, and only at Phillip Island, the MotoGP bikes will be allowed to take to the track without wings. This decision has been taken by the Grand Prix Commission, which convened at Sepang on 2 November.

The Australian GP was characterised by strong winds and riders highlighted how the aerodynamic appendages made the bikes a lot more sensitive to the gusts. For this reason, it has been decided that spoilers can be removed but only at the Phillip Island circuit. This is not compulsory, but simply an option.

On two conditions, namely that wings are completely removed and that the profile of the homologated fairing does not alter. The Technical Director will pre-approve changes.

In addition, Race Direction may allow for the removal of wings at other circuits if conditions are particularly windy.

Wildcard entries to return to Moto2

Wildcards were not permitted in Moto2 this year due to limited availability of the new Triumph engines and new frames, but they will return as of 2020. Only teams entered in the Moto2 world championship can request a wildcard entry.

More tests for MotoGP rookies

The final decision regards rookies in the reigning class. As of next year, the number of test days will be further reduced, a big problem for the inexperienced riders. For this reason, rookies will be able to take part in a three-day test prior to the official Sepang test, sessions that were, until now, reserved to test riders and those competing for teams with concessions.

Translated by Heather Watson

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