Moto2, Alex Marquez: "Go up against Marc in the MotoGP? It's something I'm not thinking about right now."

"I'm really happy about the world championship, it's a dream. My goal now is to defend the title in 2020."


All it took was a second place in this morning's race in Sepang to hit the target. Alex Marquez is world champion for the second time, the first in the Moto2 after his success in 2014 in the Moto3. Alex was great in his race today, not taking unnecessary risks to win and knowing that, by closing second, Binder's success wouldn't have been a problem. The important thing was to keep Thomas Luthi behind him and the youngest of the Marquez brothers did it by giving the race a good pace. Not a frantic one, of course, but enough to keep the Swiss rider from getting close.

"The race was really difficult ," Alex said, "And being between Binder and Luthi was even more so. Both had a good pace. I had some problems with the front tire but, in the end, it went well. This title is very important for me."

The world championship victory comes after a complex season that didn't start in the best of ways.

"I'm very happy to have achieved my goal in Malaysia. I wasn't coming from a good race at Phillip Island, but I did a great job here. I want to thank all those who have been there this season, both during the good and also difficult times. The category changed a lot this year, from engine to tires, and it took me a while to adapt, but adapting was the key to this victory. With the team, we handled the whole package very well, including the electronics."

This was the second match point for the world championship, after Phillip Island. What was it like this weekend?

"Complicated. I tried to think as little as possible about the championship. I like this track, and it's better suited to my riding style than Australia. I knew I would be more competitive, and I was always among the first since the FP1. This morning, as soon as I woke up, I immediately felt good. I realized that today could have been the right day."

For the first time in the history of the world championship, two brothers won a title in the same category, since Marc won his second world championship in 2012 in the Moto2. We saw him celebrate with you on the track, he seemed happier than you were.

"Yes, I saw he was really happy," Alex said, referring to his brother. "It was another incredible year for our family. We replicated what we did in 2014 by winning the world championships in our categories. I focused a lot on my season, and it wasn't easy. Marc did an incredible job, but it wasn't easy for him either."

With the victory of this title, you're actually entering the club of riders who won the world championship in two categories. The last one to succeed was your brother, Marc.

"In this sport, we must focus on the present. It's true, I had already won a world championship in the Moto3 , and it was a dream. Now one in the Moto2, another dream, but they're just numbers. I live the present every day, and I enjoy the fact of having won the world championship today, but I'm already ready for 2020."

Two dreams, then, and what will the third be?

"Now my dream is to defend the title next year . I don't think much about the future."

In a little over a year, you could start talking about going up against your brother on the track in the top class. Do you think about that?

"I'm only thinking about the Moto2 now, not the MotoGP. Next year, this title will be difficult to defend, and I'll start preparing from Valencia to do it."

What was the most important moment of the season?


"The key to the year was when I got back in after the fall in Jerez ," he said. "I fell in the first laps, like in the Netherlands, with Baldassarri. There have been moments when I suffered a lot this year , and coming back strong was my strength."

Audio recorded by Matteo Aglio


Translated by Leila Myftija

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