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MotoGP, Dovizioso: "No one knows how to stop Marquez"

"If I look at the gap, it's so big it's ridiculous. I know what I'd like for me and for Ducati, but achieving it is something else."

MotoGP: Dovizioso: "No one knows how to stop Marquez"

While Marquez now only races for records (the next on the list is for the most points in a season), his rivals are wondering how to counter it. The first is Andrea Dovizioso, forced to a 2nd place by the Spanish rider for the third year in a row. But if the two always fought it out in the past few seasons, Marc had practically no rivals in 2019.

"My gap from Marquez is so big it's ridiculous," Dovi tried to lighten the mood with a laugh. "It's also true that this is the same for everyone, so I can be satisfied with a 2nd place."

However, the rider from Forlì is not that convinced because, not only does the title of the "first among the others" not exist, but it also sounds like a hoax.

"We've had too many ups and downs this season ," he said, referring to himself and Ducati." It's true that everyone can complain about the distance from Marc, but we also need to understand how to stop him because he was even better this year than in the past."

So how can you beat him?

"I know what I'd like to have that's different than now, but to get it both for the bike and for yourself is another matter," continued Andrea. "Logically, both the boys and I will push like we have always done to be able to fight against him again, but understanding how to stop Marc right now is hard, not just for us but for everyone. But you can't reason like this, or else you just stop racing."

Which is out of the question, so he has to roll up your sleeves. Starting again from Sepang where, 3 years ago, Dovizioso won his first race on the Ducati.

"It was the result of hard work and the beginning of a series of victories. That success didn't come by chance," he recalled. "Instead,, I struggled a lot last year, but the Ducati has always struggled on dry asphalt here in Malaysia. I'm glad that people remember my two consecutive victories, but the situation is another. The heat is strange here and, in 2018, I practically had no advantage, neither in corners nor when braking. We'll see how it goes tomorrow. I hope to find good conditions and be able to work well”.


Translated by Leila Myftija

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