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MotoGP, Marquez: "I started running low two laps from the end, but I did it."

"A red light turnedon, and I thought: 'Will it be enough for a lap and a half?' The Honda President, Hachigo, asked me for the constructors world championship. Fortunately I had a little margin."

MotoGP: Marquez: "I started running low two laps from the end, but I did it."


By now, Marc Marquez's victories are no longer news, but his thirst for victory remains one of those things why motor sports are so loved by its fans. After all, Marc had all the reasons today and was eager to give Honda the constructors title in its home race.

I actually felt a bit under pressure," he said, "since I met the heads at Honda today and the President, Hachigo, and they were very direct in saying: 'Good morning, we're asking you the constructors title in this race.' I had to get ahead of Ducati and I succeeded. Things went really well on Friday. Yesterday they improved, and this morning in the warm up I realized I had the right pace."

Not even a low tank, which luckily only happened after having crossed the finish line first, hindered #93.

“I talked to the team before the race, assuming the race pace and correlating it with fuel consumption. The expected pace was around '46 low but, in the race, I managed to reach a '45 high, and I tried to keep it as much as possible, trying get to an advantage of two seconds, and I continued until the light came on," he laughed. "Until 2015, the bike partially regulated the fuel on its own. Now you have to do it."

Until he had to, Marc maintained his usual hellish pace. Even Quartararo couldn't keep up with it and had to give up. "I tried to ride at '45 low, and I saw that, with the tires I had chosen, I could maintain it. "Quartararo tried to resist, but then I think he made a mistake since, from one turn to the next, my advantage considerably increased."

So, we can say that Marquez appears truly invincible. A cyborg programmed to go faster than the others on a motorized two-wheeled vehicle. But Marc keeps his feet on the ground as much as possible and sets anew possible goal.

"My intention is always to win, but difficult weekends can happen where you suffer and have to defend yourself. We're human and not invincible. We're in good shape and we have to take advantage of it, but we can't take it for granted. The team title? Right now, I'm reasoning one weekend at a time, with the desire to win on Sunday. I hope that Jorge can improve to help us reach our goal."

Finally, Marc talks about his brother Alex, who is striding towards his second world title. "To win a championship, you have to attack but also suffer on the track. Today, Alex showed us he knows how to suffer, and that's important for winning. Now his first rival is Luthi, and Luthi will definitely be fast in Malaysia."

Translated by Leila Myftija

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