MotoGP, Guintoli-Suzuki disqualified for irregular engine: the mole was discovered

It was a spy hunt for a few hours, then the truth came out, arousing more than one question.


The times reached, during the first practice sessions, by former Aprilia 2014 Superbike world champion and current Suzuki test rider, Silvayn Giuntoli, were eliminated because his Suzuki GSX-RR used a 2020 engine, going against current regulations.

The strange thing is that his Suzuki had regularly passed the technical inspections. After all, how would the commissioners have been able to check the engine specifications without opening it, given that it looks completely identical from the outside?

It must have been a mole, someone risked saying. The competition always spies, added another. The Japanese teams are no longer so united, commented a third.

The mystery, however, went on for a few hours, until someone carefully read the official statement issued by the Hamatsu team on the day when, in the statements of circumstance, Sylvain whistle-blew on himself.

Now, let's take for granted that the rider was not at fault because these kind of things are usually in the hands of the press office but, usually, before going into print, the communiqué is endorsed through the hierarchy, so the PR colleagues were acquitted.

The only doubt that remains is that someone didn't know the regulations in Suzuki.


Translated by Leila Myftija

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