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MotoGP, Pernat: "Vinales could go to Ducati in 2021. And Rossi won't stop"

"Rossi leaving Galbusera confirms his desire to win, Ducati won't win the title next year considering the current situation. This is why the market is already open, with the Italians targeting Maverick"

MotoGP: Pernat: "Vinales could go to Ducati in 2021. And Rossi won't stop"


It was the ending we all expected and Marc Marquez did well to ensure he was celebrating early. The Spaniard scored his eighth world title at Buriram following a thrilling head to head with Fabio Quartararo, who also dreams of becoming a phenomenon.

It was a less than positive day for the Ducatis and Valentino Rossi, in the shadows with respect to their performances last season. Here is what happened at the latest round in the words of our very own Carlo Pernat.

“What we can say about Marquez's strength, incredible. After Friday's crash, perhaps the worst of his career after that of Mugello, he was straight back on the bike and won the race. He crushes ants, not even leaving his rivals any crumbs. I'd say we're looking at a phenomenon. I expected a lot more from Ducati at Buriram, considering their competitiveness in 2018, but it appears that the bike-rider relationship is not the best. I think it will be difficult for them to fight for the title next year. Then there's Rossi, who sends a message by changing his crew chief. With this move, he wants to show that he's still in it, playing his final card considering the competitiveness of the Yamaha and his form. For Galbusera it's a promotion, though I'm not sure Zarco will return to Yamaha as test rider. Who knowns whether Valentino, if competitive, will decide to continue. As for the market, I personally believe that Yamaha has already had Quartararo sign a contract to ride the factory bike in 2021, while Vinales has good chances of moving to Ducati. As we know, we're already into negotiations, though the Moto2 and Moto3 championships are still open, with some Italians in the mix for the titles which is satisfying to see. In MotoGP Marc has won four races ahead of time and I can't remember a title won so early on. What can we say, Marc continues to hunt down record after record, we're going to see a phenomenon who will move in on Agostini's records, soon overtaking Rossi”.          




Translated by Heather Watson

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