MotoGP, Data on Marquez's fall: an impact of 26.4 g with the asphalt

Alpinestars published the information gathered by the airbag that deployed half a second before Marc hit the ground.


The images of Marc Marquez's fall at Turn 7 in the GP FP1 in Thailand kept everyone on bated breath.

The Spanish rider was thrown from his bike and fell violently to the ground after a terrible high-side. Marc was able to get up with only a few bruises and was very lucky.

If you think the video is impressive, the data published by Alpinestars and collected by Tech-Air - the airbag system inserted in the Italian company's suit - are even more impressive.

From the graph, we can see how the airbag deployed, when Marquez was still in the air, anticipating the impact, about half a second (585 milliseconds, to be precise) before landing on the ground.

What was really astounding was the violence of the impact, since the black box registered a force of 26.4 g, while the fall lasted a total of almost 5 seconds.

Needless to say, the consequences for the rider would have been very serious if protective clothing had not made giant strides in recent years.

Every rider must have his own armor and the one used in the world championship is undoubtedly iron clad... or rather, air clad.

Translated by Leila Myftija

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