MotoGP, Lorenzo: "I also risked falling like Marquez."

"All it takes is slowing down a bit, the tire cools and doesn't forgive. My gap from the best closed, but I suffered with the heat."


Marquez violently met the asphalt and destroyed his Honda at Buriram. A situation that, unfortunately, Lorenzo knows very well. There were no serious consequences for Marc after his accident, but the impact was violent. Jorge is not surprised by that dynamic, since he also risked suffering the same fate.

"I had warnings once or twice in that turn," he explained. "All it takes is slowing down in the previous sector, maybe one or two seconds, since the tire cools down on the right side, and there's a big difference in terms of grip. You have to be very careful because if you forget that, you can fall very easily, losing the front or the rear. We've already seen lots of accidents today. Luckily nothing happened to Marc."

How did your first day go in Buriram?

"I started this weekend with the ideas that came to us after the race in Aragon, looking for more traction. I felt better in the morning than the last GP. The temperatures increased this afternoon. We made some changes to improve again, but I wasn't fast on the pace nor on the flying lap. It's also true that I mounted a new front tire two exits before the one where I was looking for the fastest lap, so it was a bit worn, but I wouldn't have been very fast anyway."

What are your problems?

"I'm suffering a lot in braking with the heat, and I'd like more support on the rear to be able to stop the bike sooner. I also felt vibrations on the front. We need a better set-up.”

Is there a way to see the glass half full even if you're 20th?

"My position in the standings is not good. The only positive note is that the gap from the best, although it's not fantastic, is less than in past races. I hope I can move forward tomorrow, to be a second from the first if I can."

Anything new on your bike?

"I'm using the latest evolution of the frame. No other new parts for now. I have to work on the set-up of the bike to better adapt it to my riding style."

What do you think of this track?

"Because of my accident last year, I couldn't do it here, and the winter tests had been a complete disaster. But it's not an excuse."

Rossi chose Munoz as his crew chief, what do you think?

"David was my first crew chief in the World Championship. He's a good guy, really calm and professional."

Audio recorded by Marco Caregnato


Translated by Leila Myftija

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