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MotoGP, Pernat: “Rossi and Lorenzo are starting to think about retiring”

“And the same goes for Dovizioso, without Marquez on your team you can't win a title, as there's nothing you can do against him”

MotoGP: Pernat: “Rossi and Lorenzo are starting to think about retiring”

Marc Marquez, him once again! The king of Aragon is once again #93, who dominated at Motorland to secure his umpteenth win of the season. A victory that means he now has one hand firmly on the title trophy, his first match point coming at Buriram, which would mean winning four races ahead of time.

Marquez aside, Spain saw the reappearance of Andrea Dovizioso, back on the podium after two races, while it was a black day Valentino Rossi, who closed more than twenty seconds from #93.

This is what happened at Aragon in the words of our very own Carlo Pernat.

“The numbers are clear, as we are talking about a 26-year old phenomenon, third in the number ot titles won and now he's about to pass Valentino, also putting Agostini in his sights. If I were Giacomo, I'd start to try and jinx him, also because Marquez still has a good eight years ahead of him with no rivals able to beat him. Honda should thank him and keep hold of him, also because without him we'd be talking about Honda as we do Aprilia. If I were to put myself in Marc's rivals shoes, when he's already one second ahead in practice, you already know you've lost from the outset. Marquez could have won with an even bigger margin at Aragon. Aside from his win, the market will also a hot topic, with negotiations for 2021 already underway,  similar to when Ducati hired Lorenzo. The fact is that we're already looking two seasons ahead, something I don't remember happening before. Once upon a time, contracts were drawn up in June, now it's all a lot earlier. I think Dorna should make a rule, with a negotiation window between July and November. Without that, the risk is that mid-way through next season a rider already has a contract with another manufacturer for 2021 and so the championship loses value. Still on the topic of the market, it's clear that if you don't have Marquez on your team, you can't win the title, perhaps another reason why everything happens so early. I'm sure that Ducati will take Vinales, while Yamaha will bring Quartararo onto the factory team. Aside from the riders, there's also the technicians market, and Ducati needs to be careful here because some are already taking different paths. Lastly, there's the Lorenzo question and I want to talk about this. I think there's strategy behind Zarco leaving KTM, as a rider like Johann doesn't turn down a 2 million contract, considering what he took in the past. I think Jorge is scared and he can't race like that. If he has this fear then it would make sense for him to quit come the end of the season, though it won't be easy for a champion of his caliber. I remain convinced that there's a strategy to bring Zarco to Honda anyway. As for Rossi what can we say, he comes close to the podium, but he too must be having similar thoughts to Jorge. And the same goes for Dovizioso, who may leave at the end of next year, unless he signs for KTM”       



Translated by Heather Watson

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