MotoGP, Petrucci: "I got 1 second per lap. I'm 3rd in the world championship? It doesn't count.

The rider from Terni closes 10th during a disastrous weekend. "I did my best, but my weight affected everything. Do I need to lose weight? Yes, but I can't lose 15 kg."


Fortunately, I'll be home in an hour," Petrucci stated a few minutes after the end of the race in Misano. This just about sums up how down Petrux felt during his home race weekend. A tenth place that is not enough and that is not reassuring, in view of the next races, even if the "culprit" has already been unmasked.

"My weight and my riding style have penalized me. It was a very difficult Sunday, and I'm very sorry because I know and I want to do more than a tenth place. I did my best. With the team, we studied everything that could be changed on the bike, and I tried to ride better ,but it wasn't enough."

Weight is the number one issue, combined with an asphalt in Misano without grip.

"There wasn't enough grip today in cornering and my weight influences the tires," said Danilo. "I figured it out during the race because Pirro kept going off the straight. I have to find a solution for 2020 because we have to adapt. I'll try to change riding style and will lose weight, but I can't lose 15 kg. When there's a lot of grip, I think I'm one of the fastest, and the numbers show it. I often set the track record on Saturday morning, like at Mugello, Assen or Sachsenring."

However, Rins' fall, and the few points won, led to a third place in the world rankings for Petrucci. Can we look at the glass half full?

"I practically got 1 second per lap today. I can't be satisfied. Third place in the world championship is just a façade because the Yamahas are climbing back up very strong. I salvaged what I could. today"

You'll be back on the track in Aragon in 5 days. Will you continue having problems in Spain too?

"I want redemption. It 'll be a different weekend with different conditions."

Audio recorded by Gianmaria Rosati


Translated by Leila Myftija

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