Moto3, Simoncelli: "Suzuki? I believe in fate and I'd like to hug Marco again."

"Tatsuki is a true native from Romagna, even if he's Japanese. He sometimes pisses me off, but he raced like a champion today."


Apparently, it was all written in the cards. That's right, since this victory is quite unique. In fact, Tatsuki Suzuki will not be forgotten this Sunday at Misano, and neither will Paolo Simoncelli, who raised the Japanese rider as if he were a second son to him, and he repaid him with a memorable triumph on the track, dedicated to Marco.

There are memories that resurface, but also emotions with tears that mix with the smile on dad Paolo's face.

"It was a truly pained victory," began Paolo Simoncelli. "This suffering kills your heart. You risk a heart attack but, in the end, it's good for you. What can I say, those last two laps were incredible, and he was a great champion in keeping up front, never giving up. I obviously feel bad for Antonelli, who fell and hurt himself. This is the good and bad of races."

There is a tweet by Suzuki, which dates back to 2017, where the Japanese rider wrote: “Dear Marco, one day I will reach the podium with your dad. Please look at us from the sky."

"That's true," Paolo answered with tears in his eyes. "Finding the right words isn't easy during moments like this. Marco could have stayed a little longer with us because we would have all had fun together. What can I say? It's a joy that fills your heart because of all the many sacrifices carried out over time. As you well know, taking part in the World Championship is a great sacrifice and a commitment for all of us."

How would you define this victory?

"This victory is unique and obviously very meaningful."

You raised Suzuki like a second child. Is he more Japanese or like a native from Romagna?

"He's a clever guy. He knows five languages, and he's great on a bike. He knows how to listen, even if he can piss me off sometimes, but he manages to give me great satisfaction. I consider him a pure native of Romagna. Then, when he goes to Japan, he turns into a perfect Japanese."

How would you have reacted if he had gotten screwed at the finish?

"I would have felt really bad but, in the end, he was tough."

After Jerez, now the victory in Misano. In the end, you have to believe in fate?

"I hope it exists, and I believe in it, since I'd like to hug Marco again."



Translated by Leila Myftija

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