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MotoGP, Quartararo: "It's an honor being a nuisance for Rossi"

"It's nice to have a rider who pushes you to the limit. I hope a Yamaha wins on Sunday. Me? I'm still not entirely ready, but almost."

MotoGP: Quartararo: "It's an honor being a nuisance for Rossi"


Fabio Quartararo is not only learning to go faster with each passing day, but he's also learning new words in Italian, a language that he already masters very well. Yesterday, Valentino defined the French rider a "nuisance".

"I made him explain the meaning," Fabio smiled, "and it's an honor being a nuisance for Rossi."

The Petronas rider is lighting a fire under all the Yamaha riders because nobody likes to get behind a rider with the same bike. Especially if he's a rookie.

"I think that's the case for all riders. We always look at the fastest on the same bike, "  Fabio smiled. " I think it's good to have someone who always pushes you to the limit, and it's also fun."

It's working perfectly well at Misano. In fact, the four M1s were all in the top 5 today, with Fabio 2nd at just 57 thousandths from Vinales.


"It would be nice if one of us could win on Sunday. We celebrated only once with Vinales this year," he said.

Maybe he could be the one to do it. Wilko Zeelenberg, his team manager, said he's ready.

"I think it depends a lot on the circumstances," explained Fabio. "In order to succeed, everything will have to be perfect. I'll have to have a good position on the grid, make a good start, and then keep a fast pace. If it happens, why not? Maybe I'm not entirely ready, but almost."

Seeing him on the track today, you would say he was. Even if things didn't go perfectly.

"For the first time this year, I didn't have the utmost confidence with the front," he confessed. It's also probably the track, since it didn't have the same grip as during the tests, and it wasn't easy to keep a steady pace. I think that the situation will improve tomorrow, and not being at my best still means having room to improve."

But today Quartararo was a "Marquez" on more than one occasion, saving himself from possible falls, even in very fast sections.

"I'm glad I didn't fall at the " Curvone", he smiled. "It was strange. I lost the front in entering, and also my foot on the pedal. The reason? There was wind, and I tightened the trajectory a little too much. I was lucky I was still standing."

Translated by Leila Myftija

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