SBK, Lowes: "Yamaha doesn't want me. I don't know why."

Alex has a chance with Ten Kate: "It's an experienced team that can carry out development independently. Kawasaki? Difficult right now."


There are lots of ups and downs in Portimao, including the market. There are many riders without a signature on their contracts for next year, and one of these is Alex Lowes, currently third in the league. There seem to be lots of offers for the English rider: the latest rumors speak of a strong interest from the Ten Kate team, an option Sam seems to like.

“Ten Kate is an interesting possibility for me ," he said. It's a team that has won the title more than once in the past ,and they have experience with Yamahas. The Yamaha did a great job on the R1, but something is still missing in order to aspire to the title. So, maybe working separately on development, like Ten Kate does, can be a good idea and an advantage.

At any rate, it's a bit surprising how Yamaha hasn't confirmed a rider in a team to then offer him a place in another. It's also unclear n.22.

"I don't know why. You should ask them. Yamaha has always treated me well, but I don't know the reason for this behavior. Maybe they want to try something different. Kawasaki? That would be nice. My manager has talked to so many people but, as of today, it's not a concrete possibility."

Besides the market, the track spoke, and Lowes ended his first day in third place, a few tenths from the top of the standings. "Today I felt pretty good on the bike, and I think I can still improve. We have different tires compared to the tests and, even if my confidence is slightly different, I managed to be fast."


Translated by Leila Myftija

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