MotoGP, Tests already over for Lorenzo: "I'm in more pain than before. I have to rest."

"The exertion at Silverstone  inflamed my injury and increased the pain. The best thing to do is recover for the next race."


Jorge Lorenzo's ordeal doesn't seem to end. The Spanish rider was stoic at Silverstone, finishing the race despite the pain and, from there, the road seemed all downhill. But it wasn't because Jorge's two-day test in Misano was interrupted after just one morning. In fact, when he had completed 31 laps in the morning, n.99 decided to stop because of the pain, having to raise the white flag.

"Unfortunately, I have back pain. After the exertion during the race at Silverstone, I suffered a lot. The situation improved on Monday and Tuesday," he explained. "But I came here in pain. In fact, I struggle on the bike, so I decided to interrupt the test and prepare myself better for the race."

The situation is more serious than it seemed. The pain compared to how he felt at Silverstone seems to have increased, thanks to the exertion.

"I feel worse than I did in Silverstone right now. The race definitely inflamed my injury," he admitted. "And the pain has increased. I need time to recover and be ready for Misano."

However, he had time to work a bit, and Jorge gave a thumbs up to the new frame.

"I tried the new frame again (ed. the 2019 version). I liked it more than the old one, so I think we'll start with this on both bikes in the next race."





Translated by Leila Myftija

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