MotoGP, Lorenzo: "I suffered in the race, but it was worth it."

"I was faster than I expected, and I can only improve. Rins did great in seizing the moment, but Marquez is still the strongest."


There's a smile behind the grimace of pain on Lorenzo's face. The race at Silverstone was one of the most difficult tests of his career for him. Twenty laps without knowing how his body would react, aching and at rest for too long after his back injury at Assen. He got two points, which means nothing in the rankings, but it means a lot for his morale.

"In the end, the race was the session in which I was the strongest," he said with a bit of satisfaction. "I'd get more than 3 seconds from the best during the tests, while I limited myself to less than 3 today. I thought I was last, but I instead managed to stay ahead of Abraham and surrendered to Syahrin. I qA done. I no longer had the strength."

The race test was, however, positive for the rider from Mallorca.

"Now my whole body is in pain because my muscles were no longer used to this kind of strain, especially my back. But it was worth it," he continued . "My goal was simply to finish the race. I thought I would get a minute and 20 seconds from the winner. Instead, it went better than I hoped."

In the end, the seconds were 56, but that wasn't the most important thing.

"The medication, adrenaline, and a positive mentality helped me endure the pain," explained Jorge. "The most risky part was the first turn. Fortunately, I wasn't involved in the accident between Quartararo and Dovizioso. I can go to the Misano tests now with the certainty of improving, and I'll be even better in the GP."

Lorenzo's last comment was about the duel between Marquez and Rins.

"Alex was good at seizing the moment, but again Marc proved to be the strongest. He made a big difference today," he said, praising his teammate.


Translated by Leila Myftija

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