MotoGP, Battistella: "Dovizioso could be on track for the Misano tests."

His team manager: "Andrea is angry about what happened, since he could have fought for the podium."


All's well that ends well, one might say. Right, since Andrea Dovizioso has no fractures and injuries and, according to his manager, Simone Battistella, he could already be on the track during the MotoGP tests in Misano.

"Andrea is fine. The doctors agreed to discharge him. His head and hip hurt, but it's nothing serious. He's a bit angry because seeing the race times, he thought he could fight for the podium. The accident was bad and dangerous but what matters is that Andrea is fine."

Now he's looking forward to returning.

"He'll probably be in pain tomorrow but, in the end, the doctors discharged him. I think he can take part in the Misano texts, since he has no injuries and fractures. Obviously, he'll have to undergo check-ups and have physiotherapy, in order to recover."

Apparently, luck doesn't seem to be on the Ducati rider's side.

"I don't believe in bad luck, but luck certainly isn't smiling on us. Just think that he had the same time yesterday to the thousandth with Vinales, starting from behind... Unfortunately, Andrea was in the wrong place at the wrong time. He had some problems this weekend but, along with his team, he managed to solve them, finding a good pace from a race perspective."


Translated by Leila Myftija

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