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MotoGP, Rossi gets the auction going with his 'used' helmet

THE INTERESTING FACT. During the Two Wheels for Life charity event, Valentino wore a replica of his helmet to boost its value

MotoGP: Rossi gets the auction going with his 'used' helmet

The Two Wheels for Life charity auction is a permanent fixture on Thursday at Silverstone. Riders offer their memorabilia to raise funds for Africa. Everyone joins in, Valentino included.

This evening the Doctor took to the stage with a signed replica of his helmet, but the presenter pointed out that, being new, it couldn't really be considered one of 'his' helmets. Rossi responded by putting the helmet on: "now you can say it's mine”.

Valentino wore the helmet until it sold, for the impressive sum of 7000 pounds.

The lucky buyer therefore takes home... a guaranteed used item.

Translated by Heather Watson

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