MotoGP, Lorenzo The Revenant: "It'll take some time to be fast"

Jorge is back with Honda at Silverstone after an almost two-month ordeal: "I wanted to come back sooner, but I couldn't."


Almost two months have passed since that June 28th when, during the FP1 at Assen, Jorge Lorenzo ended up falling and fracturing his sixth dorsal vertebra. He still didn't know it, but that was only the beginning of his ordeal. In fact, the accident forced n.99 to miss the Dutch Grand Prix and use a corset to remedy the problem and recover.

A real hassle for Jorge, who was supposed to get better and be able to return to the track for the first race after the summer break, meaning early August in Brno, skipping the Sachsenring. However, it was all an illusion, given that the healing process took longer than expected, and this changed his plans. So, to be on the safe side, Jorge had to also skip the Czech Republic and Austria, waiting for Silverstone in late September.

In the meantime, doubts and controversies about his future have been stirring. There were those who rumored he would be retiring at the end of the Championship, and those who even thought he'd never return to the track after that fall at the TT. Then, during the Red Bull Ring weekend, even the sensational market news of his return to Ducati with Team Pramac had emerged. Among the many rumors, the only certain one is that he'll be in action at the Silverstone track this weekend and, in all probability, he'll be riding a Honda alongside Marc Marquez in 2020.

Until now, his relationship with the Japanese has not yet blossomed, but n.99 doesn't intend to give up, although he's aware of the difficulties that await him: "The Assen weekend is far gone," he recalled. "I would have liked to return to the track earlier, but my injury forced me to take more time for myself."

But Lorenzo has never given up during these two months. "While I was away from the circuits, I worked hard to get ready for Silverstone," he commented. "I know it'll take some time to be fast again. However, I'm happy to find the entire team and continue to work together to improve and achieve results."

Lorenzo will also find Marc Marquez in Britain, fresh from a second place two weeks ago at the Red Bull Ring. "We've been somewhat unlucky on this track in the past, " the seven-time world champion admitted. "But we were able to prove that we're competitive this year, even on those tracks where we were struggling in recent seasons. We'll check out the conditions of the asphalt that, in the past, had several dips, and also the weather."


Translated by Leila Myftija

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