MotoGP, Miller: "Lorenzo in Ducati? I'm upset, not stressed. It's a business."

"I'm sorry for the current situation after what has been done," Bagnaia: "Lorenzo in Ducati. I don't even consider it a hypothesis."


On one hand, his mind is focused on the track. On the other, on his future. A particular Austrian Grand Prix for Jack Miller. Voices concerning a possible return of Jorge Lorenzo to Ducati keep him on alert.

A second marriage between the rider from Mallorca and Ducati is the hot topic of the weekend, even if the Australian prefers not to be influenced.

"Of course I'm upset. It's never nice when you find yourself in such a situation after having done well, " commented Jack. "This is the Motorsport business but, in the end, I'm not stressed. Certainly, I'll have a contract for next year, regardless of whether it's with Ducati or another team. Personally, I'm just focused on doing a good job here in Austria."

Jack is then pressed on the issue.

"Perhaps there is something true to this situation, like I said yesterday at the press conference, but I'm calm and at ease inside. I was able to talk to Campinoti on Thursday morning, and I think he's excited about having me in the box."

The attention then moves to the track.

"I felt pretty good ," said Jack. "I got to work on the combination of tires, and my sensations were good. We were able to take a step forward as far as rear-ups are concerned, since it was a problem that we also suffered in the Czech Republic. I think we managed to get a good balance."

The Pramac rider then talked about performance.

"I have to say that, in the free practice sessions on Friday, I was very consistent, and I did most of the laps close to the best. So, I'm happy to be in the Q2 and that will be the objective for the FP3. Looking at the rankings, I'm excited to be the second fastest Ducati on the track. Unfortunately, with the soft, I wasn't able to be as fast as I wanted but, on the race pace, I think I have a good one. Surely, this aspect will give me extra motivation."

The last thing is about Honda, that closed the round with Marc.

"Honda has grown a lot, but I think Ducati has worked well to be competitive and to fight. They're very good at cornering, while we're still struggling a little."

The one who remains out of the top ten is Pecco Bagnaia, only thirteenth behind Rins.

"I'm rather happy," said the rider from Piedmont. "Unfortunately, I made the wrong choice of tire for the time attack, but with the used medium one, I was eighth, and I didn't lose as usual. The most important thing is that we're not changing that much on the bike. But we need fewer rear-ups and more acceleration, taking into account the rear, given that the soft tire did not meet our expectations in terms of performance."

Bagnaia then promotes the innovations brought by the team in Austria.

"When you have more confidence, you're automatically faster. At the moment, I'm out of the ten, but I had every chance to be in the top, especially with regards to the race pace with used tires. We'll see what will happen in the FP3. It probably won't rain in the morning, and we will do everything to gain access to the Q2.

Lastly, Lorenzo's possible return to Ducati.

"Until I hear the official news from the team, I won't t even take it into consider as a possibility."

Audio recorded by Matteo Aglio


Translated by Leila Myftija

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