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Tuuli's MotoE on fire while charging at Red Bull Ring

UPDATE - Scare in the paddock in Austria, the Finnish rider's bike generated a small explosion. The fire was tamed with special covers. De Angelis: "We have to know what risks we're taking."

MotoE: Tuuli's MotoE on fire while charging at Red Bull Ring

The MotoE paddock suffered another trauma today. Niki Tuuli's bike caught fire while it was charging at one of the charging stations. According to those present in the nearby hospitality facilities, there was actually an explosion, which was obviously not violent but that surprised everyone who heard the noise.

Then a fire broke out, which was immediately tamed by the firefighters present who, according to regulations, are always ready to intervene in order to avert any risks. The firefighters used special covers to quickly extinguish the flames generated by the lithium ion batteries, which require a very specific procedure to be turned off. The bike was then moved using a special vehicle, so as to avoid further risks.


The Championship's Manager, Nicolas Goubert, called a meeting with all the MotoE team managers for 4 pm and, at the moment, they didn't know if the weekend's race program would be affected. Obviously, Jerez's ghost never completely abandoned this category, and the precautions have increased after that terrible fire. It was also probably due to this that they had no problem today in extinguishing the fire quickly and effectively.

Alex De Angelis, one of the most experienced riders in the category, said it well.

"We're waiting to see if  we'd be taking the same risk during the race " he said. "We're aware that weight in the event of a fall can be a problem. We're conscious about it. We're not prepared for the rest."


It has been officially announced that the weekend of the second MotoE round of the season will continue without any change. There is still no official information on what happened, so we're waiting for updates to better clarify the dynamics of the episode.

Translated by Leila Myftija

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