MotoGP, Behind the Lorenzo-Ducati rumour, a possible spark with Pramac

Our ‘Bar Sport’ video with Pernat reveals a sensational contact: “Jorge had a chance with Ducati and still does. We could soon see some surprises”


The rumour, picked up by Sky, about a possible contact between Jorge Lorenzo and Ducati Pramac started from our video.

His contract with Honda expires at the end of 2020 and so there is little to discuss. Yet yesterday, during our Bar Sport feature with Carlo Pernat, together with Paolo Scalera and Matteo Aglio, Pernat commented: “Lorenzo is becoming the one to tip the balance, he's the most complete rider, though his biggest limitation is his head as, when he loses one tile, the whole mosaic collapses”.

In recent months, there has been no shortage of rumours about a possible second life in red for him: "There was definitely the possibility of his return to Ducati in recent months - admits Pernat - Gigi Dall’Igna still has Jorge in his heart. I think this opportunity was there, in fact the contract with Petrucci was only renewed prior to Germany, and it still exists now, in that Pramac is holding Miller's renewal.”

That would appear to be the only opening: “In my opinion, discussions are going on, but we need to understand the relations with Honda and whether Jorge will return to racing at all - underlines Pernat -  Lorenzo is a winning rider, he proved he could win with Ducati and doesn't need an apprenticeship. This is why I say that this possibility with the Borgo Panigale team existed, and still exists. A lot depends on the contract with HRC though”.

That's all it took. An indiscretion. A hint with regard to a possible market shake-up: “Ghosts are fluttering at the Red Bull Ring, Domenicali's arrival in Brno was no coincidence. There could be some big surprises soon”.

And then again, maybe not, as some of the gossip that comes out during ‘Bar Sport’  remains just that.



Translated by Heather Watson

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