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MotoGP, Marquez is not satisfied: "Something new already in Austria"

"If we get the go ahead through the data, we'll validate the new aerodynamic package for the Red Bull Ring. I like the new frame, but it's just a prototype."

MotoGP: Marquez is not satisfied: "Something new already in Austria"


After having eyed everyone from the top for the umpteenth time, it's time for Marc Marquez to take a look at the future. In fact, n.93 had some new things to test, so as not to lose his pace and continue his race towards glory.

"I hadn't planned to do so many laps. But I did, since I had some things to test. I tried a different frame that I liked, a new aerodynamic package, and the new tires brought by Michelin. We worked both for this and for next season. We'll already be using some of these innovations in Austria."

The biggest news is the new frame, which both Marc and Crutchlow like.

"The new frame is similar to the current one, but the most important thing is that Cal and I had similar sensations when we tried it, which means we are on the same wavelength. We're working to put less stress on the front tire, and if we're able to ride corners with the same speed and less bend, the grip improves. This frame is only a prototype, so I won't be using it in Austria."

No less important is the new aerodynamic package brought by Honda, which could be added to Marquez's arsenal starting with the next race.

"The new aerodynamic package has several positive aspects. Now we have to analyze the data, but the sensations on the bike were good. We have the possibility of homologating a new package as, for example, Ducati has already done. And, if the data will give us the answers we're looking for, we'll do it in view of the Red Bull Ring."


Translated by Leila Myftija

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