MotoGP, 2020 begins for Yamaha: introducing Rossi's new M1

PHOTO. As promised, the Brno test brings the debut of next year's new bike, both engine and frame


At last Yamaha too has a 'black bike' in its garage, the test term for a prototype of the new model. In truth there are two, one for Valentino Rossi and the other for Maverick Vinales.

As the Doctor anticipated yesterday, the heart of the M1 has changed. It is still an inline 4 in terms of its architecture, but development has served to increase power, in order to have greater top speed and acceleration, the current weaknesses of the Iwata bikes.

Not only the engine has changed of course, but also the frame that houses it. The black carbon fairings give nothing away, but it's possible that the Japanese engineers are trying new angles for the new engine.

For the first few laps, Valentino used the standard fairing before changing over to the carbon one, which has a few different details.


Translated by Heather Watson

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