MotoGP, Rossi: “Marquez? I always behaved differently to him on track”

 “I preferred to do certain things outside the circuit. Seventh? With the M1 I struggle to understand the limit in mixed conditions"


As time goes by, it's better to settle. At a track full of pitfalls, Valentino Rossi made his experience count, proving to be the fastest Yamaha rider. The Doctor closed the day in seventh place, ahead of Danilo Petrucci on the Ducati and his team-mate on the M1.

“It was really difficult today in these conditions, seeing as it's always hard for us. With our bike, when the track is wet and dry, it's hard to understand the limit and be quick. Being on the third row isn't bad, it might not be fantastic, but definitely better than the last races. My aim was the second row". 

Valentino then explains his actions during the session.

“I wanted to put in the slicks first but it was still too wet. Then I saw other riders put them in, but it was too late for us. I only changed the rear and it was the right choice, as I set the seventh time. I hope it's dry tomorrow, starting with warm-up, as it's hard to evaluate the situation, especially in terms of the rear tyre. It would be good to find a dry track”.

He then touches on the scene between Rins and Marquez.

“Uccio told me there was a bit of a scuffle, Marc in the middle of the track then Rins passing him before Marc passed back. I didn't see it but I want to. I can't say, I'll watch it back later”.

Rins said that Marc is one of those riders who gets into his rivals heads. A little like the Rossi of days gone by.

“I see it a little differently, also because Marc and me are different in terms of how we have behaved on track during our careers. I''ve always behaved differently to him. They always talked about psychological games but what counts is how fast you are, it's there you make the difference over the others. The rest is not worth the time”.  

His final words regard Magic Marc's performance.

“I think he's really very strong, he has control of the bike and is in great shape. But we each need to focus on ourselves, because we already have enough problems without thinking about Marquez”.

Audio recorded by Paolo Scalera


Translated by Heather Watson

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