MotoGP, Miller: “Marquez took 20 seconds less than me to make the right decision”

“I expected a number like that from him. In those moments, choosing what to do is like gambling”


Mixed conditions are the worst, but they don't appear a problem for Jack Miller. Last year, he scored a memorable pole in Argentina. Today he had to settle for second place behind a phenomenal Marc, who set the bar at Brno.

“It was a complicated day -  started Jack - i expected a number like that from Marc. I tried the slicks too and felt confident. In those moments, making the right decision is always a gamble, maybe Marc took 20 seconds less than me to decide and in the end he went out and set the pole”.  

The Australian's result is positive ahead of Sunday's race then.

“i immediately felt good and the sensations were good too - adds the Pramac rider - the bike behaved well, as we were able to find the right set-up".

His final words regard the tyres.

“This morning I worked with the medium, then the hard in the afternoon. It's difficult to say for sure, as we need to consider the situation as of warm-up tomorrow”.

Audio recorded by Matteo Aglio


Translated by Heather Watson

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