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SBK, Davies: "Luca, I wish one last conversation with you"

The SBK rider remembered Semprini with whom he had worked side by side in the Aruba team

SBK: Davies: "Luca, I wish one last conversation with you"


Before moving to MotoGP, Luca Semprini worked for three years in SBK, as press officer for the Ducati Aruba team, alongside Chaz Davies.

The rider wanted to give him his farewell.

"When someone leaves unexpectedly it’s hard not to wish for one last conversation to tell them what we really think of them. I regret not getting the opportunity to have a final conversation with Luca. During 3 years together in the @aruba.it_racing team, our conversations were rarely racing related. His passion for racing ran deep but more than that he was one of the few in the racing world who I could speak at length about literally anything. He was an encyclopaedia on the most random of subjects, an incredibly smart guy. My heart goes out to his family and friends, we will all miss you. RIP Sempdog"


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